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The staff in the reception is composed of young and professional lay persons, welcomes you with a smile and courtesy and will immediately make you feel at ease, tries to speak your language (English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) and giving you useful information to better guide you in the delightful beauty of the splendor of Venice.

Diego: manager
He speaks English, Spanish and French.
Adriana: receptionist
Always smiling and helpful with our guests.
She speaks English, French and Spanish. She is learning German also...
Elena: receptionist
Always nice and smiley, even in difficult situations and with the most demanding guests.
She speaks fluent English, German and Spanish, and a little Russian too.
Francesca: receptionist
She is here recently, but already has a lot of experience.
She speaks very well English and German, fluent French, basic Spanish and Portuguese.
Kim: night concierge
He speaks English, German. He is studying Chinese and Japanese too.